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Do you know Lotus Notes?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Lotus Notes emerged and offered you to create your own collaborative applications, secured and easy to use, and became the number one professional collaborative platform in the world.

Unfortunately, time goes by, and people in charge of the product never really listened to the end-users who were asking for a better user interface, or, at least, to follow the market standards.

The main product observation slowly but surely became:

"Well, it's very powerful, but... not really good looking!"

Now, era of thick clients is over, and it's time to cloudify those really good concepts...

PickaForm is inspired by Lotus Notes strenghts...

... but with a 100% Cloud version and the ergonomy as a high priority

On-premise version is possible beyond 200 users, contact us

Lotus Notes strenghts copied and simplified


They are the center of your applications and structure your data


Forms can have multiple sections secured individually 


All your typical widgets (text, paragraph, drop down, checkboxes, calendar...)

File attachments

Like in Lotus Notes, your forms are also file containers


To organize your data with sorting and multi-level grouping


Define easily who can read and modify your applications data

Unified and simplified interface

All your applications follow the same design principles. Easy for the end-users!

And of course, workflows!

Attach a workflow to any of your data (Contracts, Leave requests...)

A modern and unified ergonomy!

View columns allow color tags

A unique navigation bar to access your forms and your views

All the views have an expandable preview pane

Click on the image to enlarge it

Powerful, clean and good looking forms

Customize the fields and add features to your form in a few clicks

Collapsible sections to improve layout and/or secure your form

Out-of-the-box features can be attached to your form.

Here, the Comments and the Attached files features have been activated.

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